If you are reading this it’s probably because you are looking to join a running club. We might be making a big assumption here, but in case we are not we have all the information you need below. The only stipulation we make is that you are a woman. Sorry fellas!

Have you ever had the awkward moment when you’re wearing Nikes and you can’t do it? So have we! But one of the best things about running with our club is that you are never alone when this happens. You will be surrounded by like minded, funny, encouraging women who will laugh with you and kick you up the bum! (not literally, that would be very wrong, and we don’t condone causing harm to anyone or animals).

Or maybe you are an established runner but feeling the loneliness of running by yourself and want some super fast running chums? We also have plenty of amazing runners who’s achievements will blow your mind!

We have it all at the Parbold Pink Panthers

All you have to do is email our lovely Sarah, who is sat in front of her pc now waiting for your email. Please keep her happy and send her a message! Her email address is If she doesn’t respond immediately she may be out on a run so please be patient – she will get back to you as soon as she can.

In addition to the running we also like to partake in a bit of socialising – often quenching our thirst after races together, celebrating our club achievements annually at awards night, and dancing on the tables* at the annual Christmas party. *not mandatory, but done at own risk.

So if you want to feel RUNDERFUL – the feeling you get when you finish your run – then write to Sarah! We look forward to welcoming you.

Running details:

Monday night – Speedwork for an hour. Meet at Parbold Shops at 6.30pm. All abilities welcome.

Tuesday night – Club run. Meet at Parbold shops at 6.30pm. We have two groups to cater for all abilities

Saturday morning – Club run. Meet in RBS Parbold carpark at 8.30am.  All abilities welcome.


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  • louise lucy

    HI i ran with your team this morning.The ladies are very nice and i felt excited after meeting them .I look forward to many runs, races,and of course coffee and chats with the pink panther team.
    lou xx

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